A week at the StadiumZone Sports Camp in Nairobi is something special. Ask the 685 delighted participants from this summer, they will tell you!

StadiumZone Sports Camp is Nairobis largest sports camp, located in Kenya: The sports camp means a lot more to  us! It is a Week about so much more than just sports. It’s about all that happens between training sessions. Experiences, community, friends both new and old, challenging and exciting activities, laughter, sports profiles and much more.

Girls and boys between 11 and 14 years are welcome (year filling). You are on the camp from Sunday to Saturday, day and night sleeping in bunks similar to a safari.

Are you between 8-10 years, you can be on our day to day activities during the Camp.

You don’t need to be connected to any compound to be with, but you simply choose the main sport that you like best. The training is tailored to each participant shall be developed for their level.

The camp starts here!