How to find a security system in Ashland

A proper Ashland security systems surveillance camera should serve your needs regarding deterring criminals, protecting you when you’re home, alerting you to events, and providing rock solid evidence should something happen.

At the same time, your security system should be a breeze to install and easy to use. Criminals will soon find out that they picked the wrong place to mess with.

How to Connect Your Cameras with Ease

When you attempt to connect cameras to your recorder, two elementary things must always be done:

  1. Ensure there is sufficient power to the camera
  2. Obtaining a strong video signal to the recorder.

To Power your camera is straightforward. You are left with two choices to get your video signal to your recorder: Go wired or wireless.


If you want a more permanent installation, it is highly recommended that you wire your cameras. There are good reasons why this is one of the preferred methods of connecting your surveillance cameras. Top quality cabling does not result in video interference issues, keeps video secure from interception, and if done right, requires little to no maintenance.

On the flip side, we must say it’s a requires a bit more work using cable, but we can say with confidence that you’ll be glad you made time for it.

When selecting your cabling, stay far away from the cheaper DIY cables which will only degrade over time, and it won’t perform well at high resolutions.

To ensure a professional installation, settle for a good Siamese type cable, which is a two in one – power cable and coaxial cable.

What is the Main Attraction of Having a CCTV System?

The ability to remotely monitor your property using the internet via a hand-held device or computer that can be halfway around the world. Besides live monitoring, you can watch recorded video, backup important video files, download evidence, and get email alerts.

With all these advanced capabilities, there is no need to dedicate a resource to being on-site to monitor your system and events. This is very convenient and allows you to keep your recording gear hidden, safe, as well as secure.

Due to the bandwidth required to transmit any video data, a precondition to making use of remote monitoring is high-speed internet and a router that is equipped with an available Ethernet port.

Tips to Ensure a Smooth Installation

We cannot emphasize it enough that you should test, test, and test.

One of the most important tips is to test all your equipment before installation. This would apply to any cameras, monitors, DVRs, etc. At least you will become an expert with the gear you’ll use before you end up standing on top of a ladder. You need to spend enough time preparing your cameras and avoid simple mistakes that may happen while you are on top of the ladder.

Make Use of the Right Tools

Modern-day video surveillance is made in such a way that it will offer one year of reliable operation. With this in mind, it is best to invest in the right tools to make the job fast, simple and get it done properly. Why don’t you borrow an extension ladder to position your cameras properly and make the installation something that you or your business will be proud of?

Leverage the support of Security systems specialists like SOS Alarms if you have a question. They will guide you to the best and easiest solution.

Be Prepared

You need to be ready In the event of a crime by having the proper surveillance equipment installed, and being personally ready to manage the situation.

What is more, ensure that you and someone else are very familiar with the operation of the CCTV system. Just about all incidents require fast action and being focused.

Get familiar with key operations, like burning video evidence onto a DVD.

Your Gear

Test your security systems at least once a month. Besides testing critical functions, pull up every camera and make sure they all operate the way you want them to in that they capture the right field of view. Log in remotely every now and again to ensure you are comfortable in monitoring your home or business remotely.

Your supplies

Should a crime take place, having the following supplies close by will make your life a lot easier:

  • Pen and notepad to make notes about details of the event observed by you.
  • Blank DVDs or CDs to burn video evidence
  • Permanent markers so you can label the evidence

Regardless of where you purchase your system, we sincerely hope that you found these tips useful. After all, to be educated and prepared will profoundly impact the effectiveness of your security system.