We offer 11-15 year olds and 8-10 year olds in a day center, to participate in the largest adventure and sports camps in Nairobi, Kenya. Since 1995 we have enabled over 77 000 participants from all over the world.

As a participant you choose one of our 18 major sports, and spend six days and nights with us, with full board. Besides we offer about 2 trainings per sport and today we also offer activities at leisure.
The Stadiumzone Sports Camps also runs the areas of dining, accommodation, service and Transport, Information, Bank, Kiosk, Boutique and Nurse.

How many works with Stadium Sports Camp?

We are three pieces that work with Stadium Sports Camp throughout the year; a responsible president, a project manager and an administrator.

During the summer, we hire about 60 pieces leaders; Foreman, day camp leaders and Multi leaders. In addition, it employs about 150 pieces of young people from the municipality of Norrköping going in year 1 and 2 in high school. They work subordinate supervisors in the different areas we have in camp.

All sports clubs employ in turn their own leaders in sports are about 300 pieces / week. It takes a total of about 1,000 leaders during a Camp this summer.

The uniqueness of Stadiumzone Sports Camp

Kenyas largest sports and adventure camps
We focus on breadth rather than elite and live Stadiumzone’s vision to inspire a active and healthy life.

Location, area and facilities
The unique concept where participants spend their entire stay with us in one area, everything from food and lodging to training sessions and activities.

The variety of sports represented in one camp
Eighteen sports are represented at the camp in 2016