Improve the Accuracy of Your Shots Using Muzzle Brakes

Keen riflemen often wonder if muzzle brakes offer any real benefits in terms of shooting accuracy, recoil reduction, and minimizing muzzle rise. One guy incorporated flash hiders with brakes on several carbines and found there were a couple of issues regarding their overall performance out in the field. However, with a .50 BMG rifle, braking recoil to ensure comfort is an absolute necessity. It was then that he realized how muzzle braking improves accuracy.

When a shooter wants something more concerning greater flash reductions, muzzle movement or both, then they need to finalize their decision about the type of muzzle device to be used. Say you happen to have a 5.56 rifle that features a heavy contour such as a .936-inch outer diameter barrel; then you may want to opt for a tactical muzzle brake to blend in with the large barrel.

The very design of some brakes mitigate recoil and ensure you experience faster recovery time between shots. This would apply to home defenders and competition shooters alike. On the flip side, the trade-off is not always all that favorable as in most cases you’ll have to put up with a ‘Loud Mouth’ as muzzle brakes are not exactly indoor-shooting friendly. You want to think of it as an anti-suppressor.

Advantages Experienced from the Use of Muzzle Brakes

Take the Wilson Combat brake that’s been designed by compensator pros to enhance your recoil control during rapid fire conditions while you’ll experience no loud blast and flash those other muzzle devices would give you.

Then again, the brake device by Wilson Combat such as the Q-Comp serves as a hybrid brake/compensator that has been tuned to minimize concussion while the overall design displays minimal muzzle flash and it reduces recoil with different calibers.

One can just imagine that MadHouse Design who specialize in the triple-port brake devices would follow suit with their latest design, the Triple-port muzzle brakes that deliver serious recoil reduction like you’ve never seen before. The mere fact that this device is machined from 303 stainless steel to ensure resistance against any form of corrosion is a huge plus in most riflemen’s books. Then again, you’ll experience no problems when the time comes to fit and align this muzzle brake thanks to the Mil-Spec single point CNC machine threads.

It is good to know that most modern brake designs feature exceptional recoil control without excessive noise and flash that you’ll commonly find with other brake designs. The triple port series by MadHouse Design will actually enhance your tactical rifle shooting experience. Not only does the brake reduces felt recoil like you would never believe, but there are no issues with muzzle climb. They were particularly smart to have designed such a device that lets you experience faster followup shots.

How Clampon Brakes are Different

Clampon brakes are designed to eliminate muzzle rise and reduce felt recoil like the threaded versions. The only notable difference would be that there are no threaded barrels to deal with. These are made with precise tolerances, easy to clampon and fasten using quad locks. The quad bolts allow a secure and tight clamping to the barrel. The primary advantage to some clamp on brake models would be the reduction riflemen will experience in the muzzle rise.

Most of these clamp-on devices are manufactured from top quality 416 Stainless Steel as well as Aircraft Aluminum construction that weighs in at only .20 pounds, making it ideal for various hunting applications.

The advantages of using clamp on brakes are as follow:

  • Reduces the need to thread your barrel
  • Fast and safe to install
  • Improves the recoil reduction
  • Eliminates rifle torque and muzzle rise
  • Maintain the accuracy of your shooting
  • Reduces vertical dispersion

Alternative to Muzzle Brakes: Sound Suppressors

sound suppressor

It is great news that manufacturers of sound suppressors cater for armed citizens as well and not just law enforcement officials and the military. Various silencer demands have been a driving force behind engineers, machinists, and other gunsmiths to come up with their own unique designs by keeping up with changes in material, attachment methods to use, internal design, and specialized coating.

MadHouse Design had taken this to heart when they manufactured their triple-port brakes.

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